Transportation + Infrastructure

Delta Levees Investment Strategy

Delta Stewardship Council

Comprehensive stakeholder engagement program to develop process and policy to
prioritize state levee investments for multiple benefits.

Joaquin Delta to reduce flood risks and contribute to achieving the two coequal goals of ecosystem restoration and water supply reliability. Catalyst serves as the communications team manager for the consulting team evaluating risks, risk reduction options, costs and benefits, levee beneficiariesand State interests, and cost allocation approaches to develop a long-term investment strategy. Catalyst prepared a comprehensive communications plan describing the decision process, interagency coordination, and stakeholder engagement to develop the technical information and analysis and support constructive deliberation regarding options and tradeoffs. The plan includes a technical resources pool to review and guide technical methodologies, stakeholder workshops and small group meetings to discuss critical issues with water, environmental, utility, and local Delta interests, and regular public meetings to engage residents and landowners in the Delta, and listening sessions conducted by the Council chair. Mr. Gardiner has worked closely with the engineers, economists,and environmental specialists to design a decision support tool that supports Council and stakeholder deliberation on risk, restoration, and cost trade offs. Catalyst and the communications team are supporting the Council with planning, facilitation, information materials, and issue management to guide a coordinated, collaborative decision process that considers the state and federal policy objectives and stakeholder perspectives. The program will develop a comprehensive investment strategy, including state investment priorities, recommended changes in Delta regulations, an environmental impact review, and a report to the California Legislature.

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Marin 101-580 Connector

Transportation Authority Marin

Community and stakeholder engagement to address the most disruptive regional and local traffic congestion in Marin County.

This project is a collaborative effort among TAM, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), and the cities of San Rafael and Larkspur.

Catalyst is leading the team’s efforts in building consensus and support among stakeholders—elected officials, community leaders, and neighborhood organizations—for a preferred alternative and implementation approach. We shaped an outreach approach focused on building understanding through early and frequent discussions and soliciting the local community groups and leaders to become project ambassadors within their communities. The outreach and engagement strategies and tools include forming a stakeholder working group and executive steering committee, community briefings, website, informational materials, media relations, innovative information dissemination, and more.

Our approach builds understanding, acceptance, and support through transparency of information, process, and decision-making for all audiences. Our proven techniques are built on providing project information to all audiences in a simple, understandable way. Marin County stakeholders are informed, active, and dedicated. Our process offers a wide variety of means by which to inform them about the project and solicit meaningful input that will help shape a successful project.

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Del Puerto Canyon Reservoir

Del Puerto Water District and San Joaquin River Exchange Contractors

Community and stakeholder engagement strategies and messaging for development of a new, off-stream reservoir in the San Joaquin Valley.

reinforce support for the project and address community concerns about dam safety, natural resource impacts, local benefits, and recreation. Working with the project partners and program management team, Catalyst has designed and facilitated community workshops, information materials, online resources, and video communication before and during the shelter-in-place order.

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Gas and Electric Utility Projects

California Public Utilities Commission
Energy Transmission

Community engagement for state environmental review and approval of natural gas
storage, electricity and gas transmission, and gas and hydroelectric powerplant

storage and transmission, hydropower and natural gas electricy generation divestiture, electricity transmission, and high-speed internet.

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