Central Delta Public Lands Strategy

The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta is one of the state’s most valuable regions, serving as the hub for the State’s primary water supply system as well as being home to long-established communities, farms, ecological assets, and recreational amenities. Within the Delta, Catalyst is helping to develop a long-term public lands restoration strategy for islands located in the Central Delta Corridor from the Western Delta to the Cosumnes Preserve. The lands, comprising about 50,000 acres, are owned by both public agencies and nonprofit organizations.

The owners of these lands seek to develop a restoration strategy that provides significant ecological benefits while also integrating with local and regional economic development and cultural, historical and aesthetic preservation. Catalyst and its team have designed and implemented outreach and engagement activities to further the strategy, which has included public workshops and a collaborative design charrette. Based on input from partners, the community, and other state and federal agencies, the Catalyst Team is preparing a long-term strategy to prioritize near-term actions, align with funding sources, and guide implementation.

This work has involved bringing the diverse landowners and stakeholders of this area together in an integrated way to foster conservation in the Delta that works for all interests. The engagement and outreach featured constructive and civil conversations, sometimes among as many as 70 people gathering at once, and culminated in development of a draft strategy that met with substantial support. Effective implementation is the next step.  

Catalyst’s transparent and inclusive process design, which created an environment of mutual understanding and appreciation for the bottom-line conservation goals, was critical in helping the various interests reach consensus within this unique and resource-rich region.